Thursday, 6 February 2014

Building a Baby Changing Table

Building a Baby Changing Table
Alright, I admit it. I kind of lied a little bit with the title of this post. After much deliberation and talking about the idea of getting a baby changing table, we decided to cheap out and just buy a baby changing mat to use on the floor!

Don't get me wrong, I really like the idea of a baby changing table. It's just that they're quite expensive, and after you're done you end up with this expensive piece of unnecessary furniture left in the child's room. I mean, what are you actually going to do with it after you're done except take it apart and store it somewhere? We can always use a dresser or chest of drawers that we already have and just place the baby changing mat on it if we feel like it anyway, but to be totally honest, I can see that we'll probably just end up using it on the floor. I can't see the problem with that!

As you can see from the basket in the background of the photo, we've also started stocking up a little bit on all the essentials such as baby wipes, nappy bags, cotton wool, baby bath etc. I'm told that you can never have enough of this stuff so it's definitely better to start building it all up now to spread the cost rather than having to pay out for it all when the baby is born. Makes sense I suppose as I'm all up for the idea of spreading the cost! Everyone keeps telling me how much baby's cost and so on, I must have heard it 100 times. I'm still convinced you don't need to spend a fortune though so we'll see who's right!

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