Wednesday, 2 April 2014

24 Weeks Pregnant

My Wife at 24 weeks pregnant
We're actually at about 24 and a half weeks now but since I hadn't got the weekly bump photo up yet I thought I needed to get it done! It feels like it's been a long and hectic week already and we're only just over half way through.

I think I've been stressing a little due to the fact that I have been trying to organize switching cars this week. We're just about to transition to our new 'family' car and get rid of my beautiful but gas guzzling beast so it has been fun and games trying to get this sorted. Mainly because I'm incredibly fussy when it comes to cars but hey at least when I finally get the car it's normally pretty good!

The old beast!
I managed to track down a nice Lexus IS250 with all the gadgets on it and we're collecting it at the weekend. Sadly it isn't local as I never seem to be able to buy a local car so we're heading about 3 hours or so up north to collect it. That's what I get for being fussy I guess! Anyway, really looking forward to the more relaxed driving style of the new car along with all its toys but I'm definitely going to miss the old car for its power and noise but hopefully I will be able to get another toy one day!

The new family ride!
Anyway, back to the baby situation. Anyone that knows me personally will tell you I get far too distracted talking about cars. Issy tolerates it, but I think she will be glad when this week is over and the car talk subsides a little!

The baby is moving so much more this week. Whereas previously in the pregnancy I had been saying I struggled to feel any movement from the baby, I got a real treat this week, Issy told me that the baby was moving and to feel her belly. I wasn't particularly optimistic as I hadn't done too brilliantly in previous attempts but I placed my hand there and waited before..... wow! I felt a kick stronger than I had ever felt before from the baby. It was so strong I was surprised that it did not hurt Issy! I was a little taken aback to be honest and although it did not hurt too bad Issy did say that at times the kicking is becoming a little uncomfortable. I'm not surprised to though it must be incredibly strange having a human being poking you from the inside!

I'm also convinced that I can now hear the baby's heart beating if I place my ear against Issy's belly. Issy wasn't so convinced and thought I was making it up, but when her uncle gave it a try and confirmed it I think she's finally accepting it. She just assumed it was hers and I can understand why but the heartbeat was just to fast to be hers. It was lovely to hear the baby's heart beating, I would describe it like a fast paced metronome that keeps time perfectly. I hope I will get to hear it better at the next appointment with the midwife!

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  1. Ahhh the new family car scenario. A nippy little number with enough space in the back for a couple of shopping bags is a far cry from the lorry with a house full of stuff that you need to cart around with a little one. My husband is a car nut too (no offence intended) and fantasy-buys every week. "They'll be fine in the back of this for a short trip, right?" Wrong. I can sympathise. Where we once both had motorbikes I now have a Hyundai Sante Fe with seven seats. But they'll be plenty of time for track days and the like when the littles are grown. Opps didn't mean for this to become a book! Enjoy every single second of your wonderful journey - the kicking is amazing isn't it?

    1. Yes I will hold my hands up, my family and friends would tell you that I'm a bit of a car nut too. Ok, probably more than a bit as I won't shut up about them most of the time!

      As you say there wil be enough time for these things one day and I know the best bit of this journey is yet to come! The kicking is amazing but I feel a little sorry for my wife's insides sometimes!