Tuesday, 29 April 2014

28 Weeks Pregnant

The Belly at 28 Weeks Pregnant
So this week we've officially entered the third Trimester. I still don't really get why they measure a pregnancy in 3 month sections when they already measure it in weeks but here we are at 28 weeks pregnant and the start of the third trimester. I think the pregnancy is starting to get noticable harder for Issy now and I can understand it must be hard work now that she is getting significantly bigger.

I wish I could take the load off for her and give her a break for a bit but sadly it doesn't work like that. I genuinely do feel for her it must be really uncomfortable with all that extra pressure put on her internal organs. I think she's really looking forward to the end of the pregnancy. I think we both are for obvious reasons but I know it will be an added bonus for Issy to her body back to normal!

On another note, is it me or are middle names so much harder to pick than first names? I think we've got our potential boy/girl first names picked out, but deciding on middle names is proving to be difficult. We've got some ideas but we still aren't 100%.

I've been having a look at some of the side effects of pregnancy at around this time and I can tell you it's true what they say about heartburn. I can vouch for the fact that Issy hasn't once complained about heartburn in years, and in the last few weeks she's been pretty much living off this gaviscon stuff. Apparently it's because of the extra pressure that the baby puts on the stomach. This causes the protective ring at the top of the stomach to relax a little letting some stomach acid back up into the oesophagus. Something like that anyway, I was never all that good at biology! I sense my biology skills are going to be tested over the next few months though so I better get studying!

Now that we're into the last three months it definitely feels like it's going to get very real soon. People have started telling us that we better get a hospital bag ready. I'm thinking "What? Already!?" but I guess it makes sense to be prepared really. The baby is still fidgeting around a lot and not giving Issy any rest. Perhaps it's just practice for when he/she arrives. It's like "You're not going to get any sleep soon so you better get used to it!"

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