Monday, 5 May 2014

29 Weeks Pregnant

Issy at 29 Weeks Pregnant
This week's been quite an eventful one for poor Issy who suffered a bit of a bad day when she had to go into hospital for her "anti-D" injection and a blood test earlier in the week. She has to have the "anti-D" injection due to her special O-Negative blood that she has.

If you don't realise the implications, it seems a little strange as to why this could have a negative impact on the baby. After all, O-Negative blood can be given to anyone. However, it's actually to prevent Issy's body from detecting something foreign in her and effectively attacking it, hence putting the baby at risk. It's great that modern medicine has a way of getting around these things.

So on top of going in for this, she also had to have a routine blood test and a few other standard checks such as blood pressure etc. Unfortunately the nurse struggled to find a vein in Issy's arm and then just sort of went for it resulting in a rather unpleasant experience for poor Issy. She bruises easily as it is so it was no surprise that she ended up with a nice shiny one at the "point of impact". Surprisingly, she also had to endure a blood pressure test in the same arm AFTER the blood test. Ouch!

Issy's bruise from the blood test a few days after
On a slightly more cheery note, we ended up getting baby's first shoes this week. Our lovely Venezuelan student we've had staying with us for a few weeks departed the other day and she got us a lovely gift of some mini Converse shoes for the baby which was very sweet of her. They're in white too so they're still kind of unisex. I'm not sure how long they will last before baby's little feet get too big for them but at least he/she is going to look pretty cool in the mean time!

Baby's first shoes - mini Converse that are so small!
Since the student left we've also started having a bit of a clearout around our home. So far we've managed to throw out two massive full bags of junk that we've somehow managed to acquire in just three years of living here. We always try to keep a clean and tidy home but just because you can't see our clutter definitely doesn't mean we don't have it, but at least we have significantly less now! We're just waiting for our cot that we've ordered to come in now and it's getting to the stage where we are going to start sorting out the nursery ready for our new arrival. Issy has also started putting together a hospital bag just in case. Obviously as we're hoping to have a home birth we're keeping our fingers crossed that she never has to use it but it doesn't hurt to be prepared! It seems like time is going really quickly now so it's all starting to get very exciting indeed!

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